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In 2019 WIPAC is set to organise a plethora of workshops and webinars. The workshop series has been set around the layers of the Smart Water Industry as defined by the SWAN Forum.


There will be a total of six events which are still yet to be defined completely but with the first five workshops following the principals of Smart Infrastructure, Instrumentation & Control, Data Collection & Communication, Data Visualisation and data analytics. The sixth workshop will bring the whole series together and will discuss Water 4.0 and the Smart Water Industry. The six workshops will be


Workshop 1  -  Smart Infrastructure & Asset Management


Workshop 2  -  Instrumentation & Control


Workshop 3  -  Data Collection & Communication


Workshop 4  -  Data Management & Display


Workshop 5  - Data Fusion & Analysis


Workshop 6  -  Water 4.0 and the Smart Water Industry


Dates are not set for these workshops at set but it is hoped that they will start in January 2019 and will continue throughout the year. More details on these workshops, programme, costs and how to book will be updated on this page as things become available.


There will also be a monthly webinar programme in 2019 with a monthly free webinar. This will involve two round-table webinar events were a panel of experts will discuss a particular subject within the Smart Water Industry in an open recorded webinar. There will also be six webinars led by the six companies that form the supply chain part of the WIPAC Board of Directors as well as four further webinars which will feature three member companies discussing a particular subject or technology.


The schedule of webinars (which is subject to change) will
















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