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One of the key principles of the Water Industry Process Automation & Control Group is to let people know what technologies are out there and what are the key companies to get in touch with to find out about the key instruments that can help the Water Industry but the truth is - "Its difficult" there are so many technologies out there with so many different ways of working its difficult to know what is best.


This is why WIPAC have teamed up with the Sensileau platform to tell people generically about the types of instruments that are available and have also taken the approach of the WIPAC Directory which was something that has been needed in the Water Industry for awhile.


The following pages are split up into broad categories in terms of the supply companies and consultancies that are working in the Water Industry.

The one thing to mention is that the WIPAC Directory is not wholly inclusive and only lists companies, consultants & specialists who are members of the WIPAC organisation and thus does miss some companies who have yet to join. Although over time it will become a much larger data-base of companies and technologies that are available it will rely on companies joining the WIPAC Group.


Users of the directory should treat it as very much an introductory method of trying to find suppliers for particular instrument types. A discussion with the instrumentation suppliers will reveal whether a particular technology is suitable for the application that you are looking for and this should be considered before any purchase of any technology is made.


In fact before you purchase any measurement technology consider:


  • What do we hope to achieve by measuring what we want to measure?
  • What is the data and the information that will be gained from this particular measurement
  • What are the complications of the application? What are the limitations
  • What technology will address the application
  • How is the technology going to be installed and by whom


Hopefully by using a combination of the instrumentation types and companies (and their application specialists) along with some of the specialist installation companies that are available these questions should be answered and the value of the data through correct instrumentation application should be maximised.




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