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It is with sincere gratitude that Water Industry Process Automation & Control receives support from the following organisations



WIPAC & ILM Exhibitions have collaborated for a number of years for the WWEM Conference & Exhibition where the WWEM Instrumentation Apprentice Competition, the WIPAC Flow Forum & WIPAC Learning Zone are hosted.

Wastewater Education 501(C)3 is a wastewater education charity in the United States of America which collaborates with WIPAC to deliver the WIPAC Webinars

Water & Energy Global is an organisation that arranges a variety of Global Information Exchange Events. There gala annual event is WEX Global. The event is a leading Conference & B2B Meeting event and will take place in Lisbon in 2019.


There will be a workshop stream on the Smart Water Industry.

The Sensileau Sensor Platform promotes the implementation of online water quality monitoring technologies to improve the water industry by sharing the knowledge around sensor technologies.


WIPAC & Sensileau are developing a collaboration for the good of their members

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