Water Industry Process Automation & Control

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 Profile: Oliver Grievson

Oliver Grievson is the Group Manager of the Water Industry Process Automation & Control Group. He is a technical specialist in aspects of both potable and wastewater treatment with a background in chemical analysis, treatment plant operation, design and process engineering.

Oliver holds a bachelors degree in Environmental Science and a Masters degree in Water & Wastewater Technologies as well as holding professional charters in Science, the  Environment and Water & Environmental Management.

Oliver currently works for Anglian Water as the Flow Compliance & Regulatory Efficiency Manager in their offices in Peterborough in the United Kingdom. He is also sits on several different national panels including the MCERTS Steering Group for the Self Monitoring of Effluent Flow, and the Wastewater Panel of the Foundation for Water Research. He also regularly speaks at a number of different nationa & international conferences as well as contributing regularly to wastewater journals
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