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The Knowledge centre contains all of the monthly updates, blogs, papers & case studies that can be legally shared with the group. If you like something to appear in the Knowledge Centre then please get in touch with the website manager Oliver Grievson


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Monthly Updates 

The links below will take to an external website, the most recent monthly update is available on the LinkedIn Group discussion WIPAC group page, or is also embedded on the WIPAC Monthly page of this website

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Papers in WIPAC Monthly & Group Papers 

As part of WIPAC Monthly and also as part of the group a number of papers have been produced. There is an index of all the individual papers that have been published in WIPAC Monthly available at this link.

The Group Papers have been produced based upon the discussions that have happened in the LinkedIn Group and have been brought together by the group manager, Oliver Grievson. So far four group papers and he basis for discussions have been produced.

 Group Paper No.1 - The first discussions
 Group Paper No.2 - The resistance to the effective use of instrumentation
 Group Paper No.3 - Taming the anthropogenic water cycle
 Drivers, Opprtunities & Barriers to Instrumentation
 Group Paper No. 4 - KPI's

Papers from Industry 

This section includes papers from Industry relating to Instrumentation, Process Automation & Control in the Water Industry

Paper Published by
Energy Efficiency for Municipal Water & Wastewater Utilities
Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme
Potable Water Network Modelling
Siemens Link
The Dutch Roadmap to the WWTP of 2030 STOWA Link
Water Pains Report - 2009
IBM Link
Transforming Wastewater Treatment to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Environment Agency (UK)
A Low Carbon Water Industry in 2050
Environment Agency (UK) Link


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