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January 2015

The role of sensors in disinfection and microbiological monitoring

28th January 2015
Etihad Stadium - Manchester - UK

Drinking water must be ‘wholesome’ and this is defined in law by standards for a wide range of substances, organisms and properties of water in regulations. Compliance with the strict UK and European standards is very good in the UK: England and Wales achieved 99.97% compliance. A small number of failures do occur; can the improved use of sensors and the application of emerging technologies help?

Chlorine is used as a primary disinfectant in water treatment and is also added to protect the water during distribution to the tap. Chlorine has made the greatest contribution to the prevention of disease from drinking water worldwide and the technologies for monitoring and control are well established. Alternatively, rapid microbiological monitoring and detection is extremely challenging and developing reliable sensors has kept researcher and instrument developers busy for many decades.

This workshop will look at both current practice in choline monitoring for water treatment and the use and potential benefits of emerging technologies for microbiological monitoring.

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February 2015

New Developments in IT & Water
Rotterdam - Netherlands

Information Technology (IT) enabled solutions for integrated urban water management are the key to realizing a significant reduction in water consumption, environmental emissions and costs, and an improvement of water quality and control of installations. Today, water management only addresses autonomous parts , leading to a highly segregated water sector.

IT enabled solutions can solve the segregation that now hinders water organizations, technology providers and integrators to make the best use of new and available technologies to improve efficiency. They offer potential to embed real time forecasting, advanced monitoring, model based control and new approaches of active consumer involvement.

The New Developments in IT & Water Congress is an international event that will include the depth and breadth of relevant IT solutions in every aspect of the water cycle, recognising that while IT solutions in water management are implemented locally, research and best practice are advanced through sharing results and knowledge globally.

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The Value of Intelligence in the Wastewater Network
18th February 2015
London, UK

The wastewater network is largely unmonitored, apart from level sensors in pumping stations and a few flow switches that warn when the levels are getting too high. Storm Overflows are blamed as being a contributor to environmental pollution and in the UK at least there is a need to monitor not just that spills are happening but how long they last. Lastly the UK is set to follow mainland Europe with investigating the use of Intelligent or Smart Wastewater Networks.

In this workshop hosted by Oliver Grievson and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Management the regulatory needs, the concepts and some case studies of where "Smart" Wastewater Networks have been put into practice in both the UK & Europe.

research and best practice are advanced through sharing results and knowledge globally.

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Water & Energy Exchange Global
25th-27th February 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

The Water & Energy Exchange returns this year with a move to a new city but with just as many conference sessions and meetings as we have seen in the past.

For members of the Water Industry Process Automation & Control group there will be presentations by the group manager, Oliver Grievson on Smart Wastewater Networks as well as other use of instrumentation, automation & control.

As part of the conference there is also a gala dinner complete with a Water Innovations Competition with all the details available by clicking

March 2015

Catchment Monitoring
18th March 2015
Rothamstead, UK

The water framework directive (WFD) came into force in 2000.  Since then, key milestones have been reached and in 2015 the first management cycle ends.  This workshop will be exploring how the WFD has impacted on catchment monitoring, what processes have been adopted and what type of sensor technology has been developed and implemented to meet these requirements.  The workshop will also cover research in the area of catchment monitoring and future requirements for sensor and sensor networks in these environments.

The Workshop will take place at the Rothamsted Research, Grassland and Arable Systems site, at North Wyke, Devon, which forms part of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.  The workshop will cover the programmes that Rothamsted have recently covered on catchment monitoring, and attendees to the workshop can take advantage of a field tour in the afternoon to see the Rothamsted Farm Platform Project.

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April 2015

Data & Data Security in the Water Industry
29th April 2015
Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry

When it comes to data quite simply there is a huge amount of it and the Water Industry is set to collect more. With the advent of the ever increasing amount of data the Water Industry is set to collect there is the problem of how all of it is going to processed and understood. 'Big Data' is a term that has risen into popularity as is the term 'Small Information,'  as has the ' Internet of Things. The question to ask is what does this look like practically? and what are the risks associated with it
In aim of this 'Big Data & Data Security Workshop' is to ask two questions - What's the Use of Data.....and how secure is it? Discussions will be lead by a number of guest speakers from the Water Companies, Supply Chain and Industry experts in order to look at where data can be used within the Water Industry and what the risk are as whole and will take the format of an active workshop participation where the themes of the day will be discussed and investigated.

This event is hosted by Oliver Grievson of SWIG and John Marsh of Siemens. The event is kindly being sponsored by Siemens.




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