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Water Industry Process Automation & Control


The Water Industry Process Automation & Control Group (WIPAC) is a LinkedIn Group that was setup in May 2011 to promote the best practices and to knowledge share all things surrounding Instrumentation, Process Automation & Process Control in the Water Industry.


This covers a wide range of subjects from the fundamentals of ICA and its development in the Water Industry to more debateable subjects such as:


  • Big Data versus Small Information and the use of data in the wider industry
  • The Smart Water Industry and how it can be used to allow the industry to operate more efficiently
  • Cyber-security and how the Water Industry can ensure its safety in a digital era
  • Communications and how this is developing in the modern water industry
  • and many more areas wherever the conversations go


As part of the mission of WIPAC a monthly magazine is produced for the benefit of the group to promote the best applications in the form of case studies and articles as well as highlighting the latest industry news and the direction the industry is moving towards.


WIPAC is to be formed as a company in late 2018 where it will offer a number of different services to primarily the UK Water Industry but also the global water industry as a whole.


Enjoy the website and please feel free to feedback any comments that you may have. To quickly navigate to the main sections of the site use the buttons below

Industry News


All of the latest industry news about the Instrumentation, Automation, Process Control, Big Data and the Smart Water Industry

WIPAC Monthly Archive

WIPAC Monthly is the hugely successful magazine from the WIPAC Group. The archives of WIPAC Monthly going back to January 2017 are all here

WIPAC Directory


The question of who sells what or who provides what service is always difficult in the Water Industry. The WIPAC Directory highlights what members provide what service or product

What WIPAC does

From Workshops to Webinars to competitions there is a huge amount that WIPAC does. Here are just some of the things including   WIPAC   events and the WWEM Instrumentation Apprentice Competition

Knowledge Centre


WIPAC and the Sensileau platform are the centres of all information that you could need on Instrumentation, Automation & Control in the Water Industry


All about WIPAC and who is who in the organisation and more details on how to join

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